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Welcome To The Matrix – Holographic Noise Mystifies Physicist

4 February 2009 “Holographic noise” may herald new era in physics by Kate Melville A British-German team of physicists searching the depths of space for gravitational waves may have stumbled on one of the most important discoveries in physics, according … Continue reading

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Age Of The Cyborg – Electronic Components Made Out Of Human Blood

31 March 2011 Electronic components made from human blood by Kate Melville Indian researchers from the Changa Education Campus in Gujarat have demonstrated a memristor made from human blood and are now planning the creation of other electronic components, such … Continue reading

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Tyche – Could Be About To Be discovered

Today,  Feb.  14, 2011., An article was released stating that scientist believe they have discovered a Gas Giant Planet, that if there would be an addition to our current scheme of eight planets for a grand total of nine. I … Continue reading

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