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Is The Ancient Alchemy Symbol For Mercury Really On The Planet Mercury?

Just an observation of the stock image from NASA released 3-29-2011. This was the first orbit captured photograph taken from MESSENGER to be released to the public. I inverted color, cropped, rotated, set contrast to 63. Does it not resemble … Continue reading

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NASA Releases First Orbit Images of Mercury

Released 3-29-2011 Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/CIW New Photos of Mercury From NASA’s Messenger Probe Staff Date: 28 March 2011 Time: 02:52 PM ET On March 29, 2011, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft became the first probe ever to orbit the moon. This image … Continue reading

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Tyche – Could Be About To Be discovered

Today,  Feb.  14, 2011., An article was released stating that scientist believe they have discovered a Gas Giant Planet, that if there would be an addition to our current scheme of eight planets for a grand total of nine. I … Continue reading

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