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2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick’s Alchemical Magnum Opus

“I’m sure you are aware of the extremely grave potential for social shock and disorientation caused by this information. We can’t release it without proper conditioning.” – Heywood Floyd The idea of this thread came from reading ‘The Alchemical Kubrick‘ … Continue reading

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Selected Ambient Works ~ My Noble Alchemy

Aphex Twin – Heliosphan – 85-92? However you might define the operation of turning lead into gold, so be It. Gold to me is motivation to be a better man, understand the universe around me, treat all BEings as equal, … Continue reading

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He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

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Age Of The Cyborg – Electronic Components Made Out Of Human Blood

31 March 2011 Electronic components made from human blood by Kate Melville Indian researchers from the Changa Education Campus in Gujarat have demonstrated a memristor made from human blood and are now planning the creation of other electronic components, such … Continue reading

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Is The Ancient Alchemy Symbol For Mercury Really On The Planet Mercury?

Just an observation of the stock image from NASA released 3-29-2011. This was the first orbit captured photograph taken from MESSENGER to be released to the public. I inverted color, cropped, rotated, set contrast to 63. Does it not resemble … Continue reading

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Voynich Manuscript – Carbon Dated To Early 15th Century

The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious book that has puzzled scholars for almost a century. It has been labeled one of the top ten mysteries of the world. It is written in a language that almost resembles all languages, yet … Continue reading

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