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Awesome video of Burning Man. Thanks to the person who made it for us. Advertisements

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A piece of my history

 I am proud of my ancestors before me, I hope I can take some of these values upon myself.

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Together we call them the Mystery

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I have nous idea what I’m talking about.

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To my Francophone Friend, You know who you are, The one on the Torker. I hope the road has risen with you, and you are not peddling uphill.   Be good, If you can’t be good, Be careful!  

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Selected Ambient Works ~ My Noble Alchemy

Aphex Twin – Heliosphan – 85-92? However you might define the operation of turning lead into gold, so be It. Gold to me is motivation to be a better man, understand the universe around me, treat all BEings as equal, … Continue reading

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When Your Heart Is True

image source

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He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

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Do or Die

I think this painting  says a thousand words at least. The Good Sir James Douglas ~ The Black Douglas The Man In Black

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Johnny Cash / Ring of Fire ~ Björk / All Is Full Of Love

I thought these two works of art melded well together.  

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