My Ufo Sighting

I know this is not provable, and I am not asking you to believe me. I am asking you to believe that I believe what I saw, nothing more. This has been a quite traumatic event for me. It has made me question what is real? This truth quest has taken me to just about every nook and cranny on and to tell the truth, I have no more answers than I did to start. Other than I am not alone. Oh and WE are not alone. IMO

I know, no pictures or it didn’t happen. To tell you the truth, It would not matter anyway. Pictures and videos can be faked. So all I have is my word, and my dead cat’s, she was there too.

I have compiled some of my own data to add to this and youtube vids and pictures to emphasize my story. I am not saying one way or another about the legitimacy of the pics or vids. They were chosen as resemblance only. Because I have not seen one video or picture that closely resembles what I saw.

I have payed the price for it with my friends and family. I, as many other UFO witnesses, had no reason or motive to destroy myself.

So here goes.

In late August of 2008, I had always believed in life out there but never payed much attention to all this conspiracy stuff at that time. Until one day I typed “Aliens Amongst Us” in Google. Out of nowhere I did this just a random thought. What a can of worms I opened. I was hooked immediately. I absorbed so much information, I felt like a machine. This went on for a couple of weeks. I found ATS during this time.


I started watching the skies and first noticed what, at the time I thought was a UFO, was actually scintillation of Jupiter. (Thanks Phage for clearing that up in this thread). The thing looked like police lights blazing in the sky red, blue, white, green. I had never seen anything like it. I don’t remember the stars ever twinkling in such vivid colors. I ran and got the binoculars and the neighbors. I was freaked.

After the second and third night of seeing this I began to think planet or something. It was too stationary. Maybe the Death Star? I digress.

On the Fourth night of looking up. I looked in a different direction. Again for no apparent reason due north and almost straight up. A white bubble orb shot across the sky. It was so high and so fast, that I wrote it off as a satellite or something, although I knew in my gut that was way too fast. I did not think any more of it.

On the fifth night, everything went non reality for me.

It was Sept. 7 2008 two days after I joined and posted my first thread here about Jupiter and six days before Hurricane Ike. It was about 10:30 at night. The weather was calm not a cloud in the Houston sky. That’s hurricane Ike in the bottom right.

I had to throw this in. The 4:00 am red spot is over my house The eye of the hurricane went directly over the place. I was huddled in the bathroom closet for 4 hours thinking I would die. The UFO was nothing compared to this. This was the second traumatic event in a week for me.

Anyway back to the 7th. I walked out looking at that crazy Jupiter, and as soon as I looked up, again directly to it, there was but a single cloud in the sky, very low and close. I would estimate 500 to 800 feet away just above or just beyond the neighbors horse pasture.

It was definitely close enough to judge depth and height. Just above the trees maybe 20 – 30 feet. The trees here are mostly old growth Pine. 60 – 80+ feet tall.They were the only two objects in the sky.

Just above the cloud was an orb floating right along with it, the exact same speed. It illuminated the top of the cloud it was hovering over. I used Stellarium to give a rough image. This is just about to scale as I was looking. I have Stellarium set to Houston TX at the proper date and time. Even Jupiter is there where it was that night.

My editing skills lack so bear with me. The rainbow circle represents the orb over the cloud.

It was a perfect sphere. Illuminated on the outside only so the center looked dim. Almost like an iris of an eye.

I have included this pic as the only thing I can find that illuminates on the outside like I am trying to describe. I know it’s the New Years Ball, but surprisingly enough when you Google ORB UFO you get this and it is pretty darn close to the light effect I saw but no green all white light.

I was nowhere near Broadway.

But it did not look at all like the above. Like I said it was perfect. No blemishes at all. Like a bubble. A bubble of light 5 or 6 feet across. I have investigated ball lightning. Not even close.

When I say white light, I mean white like an ultra white LED.

I watched it for about 15 or 20 seconds in disbelief of what I was seeing. I suddenly got the urge to wave hello. It was something intelligent I could feel it. When I waved all hell broke loose. The ball of light collapsed in on itself almost immediately as I waved. something like this without the messy liquid.

It was so perfect as emphasized over and over. It was as smooth as the bubble in the video. It almost looked close minus the illumination.

When it went out. I saw a shadow sweeping over the yard from the SW to NE, at night? I know weird but I could see an unmistakable line of darkness sweeping towards me on the ground. BIG, like something went over the whole yard. We have three acres.

When it reached me. I went almost in that black out mode. If you have ever been knocked out or fainted you might know what I mean. My vision went dark from the outside of my circle of vision to the center. Like a tunnel closing on you. I remember my ears ringing LOUD at the same time. I felt no pain and to my knowledge never went all the way out. I could remember it coming back in just a few seconds it seemed. Maybe I fainted out of terror? I don’t know. This shadow was coming either way.

I shagged ass back in the house terrified and tore up the bandwidth ever since up to today and this thread.

Honestly. I think it was something not of this world or even solid for that fact. With Physics being where it “is” and prominent people coming forth, It is just a matter of time. I am not sure how to feel about it all. A bit scared still.

I think we made some kind of contact. Maybe I was asking for it. I really feel like if you want to see bad enough they will let you. You might not want to though. I have never been the same and probably never will be the way I was before.

I turned my focus a bit more to a spiritual quest. I have yearned for answers from days of old. Not the modern “metal” UFO’s. Call me crazy, but I believe in magick and majic.

I have been through some dark scary places, been almost struck by lightning on three different occasions within 10 -20 feet, almost taken out by a tornado and thought three more would get me that day, Two Hurricanes, almost drowned as an infant, fell off a bridge as an infant right next to a big fat cottonmouth water moccasin almost beaten to death twice and have taken way too many chances in my life and feel lucky to be here.

None of them changed me forever like this perfect circle. I don’t look up anymore because I am a little afraid of what I might see. I have questioned my own sanity, hallucinations and back again. None of the above.

Here is a screen grab of the MUFON Report I filed over a month later.

And the report itself by me.

Long Description of Sighting Report

This was the fifth consecutive night of sightings. The other four might be explainable, different objects, but not this one. Needless to say I was looking. I walked outside to smoke a cigarette, as soon as I looked up in a west direction, I looked right to the object. It was a white orb of light with a dim circle in the middle. It was just above a cloud, maybe 20 ft. It seemed to be following above and at the same speed as the cloud. I watched it for about fifteen seconds. It was less than 1/8 of a mile away. I got a feeling to wave hello, when I did the object faded almost immediately. Less than a second later a shadow went over me, and with lack of a better way to describe, went through me. I felt it. My vision went dark for about five seconds from within. Blindness.

So that’s about all I can put here now.

Thanks for reading.

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