Auction 73 – The Biggest Little Auction You Never Heard Of- Part 3 – PLC- Power Line Communications

Part III – PLC – Power Line Communications

There are modems you can plug into the existing power outlets in every structure in the world that can deliver a full duplex 1Gb signal. High speed internet for the masses through EXISTING equipment RIGHT NOW!

Power Line Communication

Power line communication or power line carrier (PLC), also known as Power line Digital Subscriber Line (PDSL), mains communication, power line telecom (PLT), power line networking (PLN), or Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) are systems for carrying data on a conductor also used for electric power transmission.

Electrical power is transmitted over high voltage transmission lines, distributed over medium voltage, and used inside buildings at lower voltages. Powerline communications can be applied at each stage. Most PLC technologies limit themselves to one set of wires (for example, premises wiring), but some can cross between two levels (for example, both the distribution network and premises wiring). Typically the transformer prevents propagating the signal, which requires multiple PLC technologies to be used to form very large networks.

Ultra-High-frequency communication (≥100 MHz) The highest information rate transmissions over power line use RF through microwave frequencies transmitted via a transverse mode surface wave propagation mechanism that requires only a single conductor (U.S. Patent 7,567,154). An implementation of this technology called E-Line has been demonstrated using a single power line conductor. These systems have demonstrated symmetric and full duplex communication well in excess of 1 Gbit/s in each direction. Multiple Wi-Fi channels with simultaneous analog television in the 2.4 and 5.3 GHz unlicensed bands have been demonstrated operating over a single medium voltage line conductor. Because the underlying propagation mode is extremely broadband, it can operate anywhere in the 20 MHz – 20 GHz region. Also since it is not restricted to below 80 MHz, as is the case for high-frequency BPL, these systems can avoid the need to share spectrum with other licensed or unlicensed services and can completely avoid the interference issues associated with use of shared spectrum while offering complete flexibility for modulation and protocols of an RF-microwave system.

1GB full duplex, unlicensed, on existing power lines. Think what we could do with the radio spectrum if we utilized this. Reminiscent of Nikola Tesla wanting to distribute electricity for free to the masses for the good of humans. Remember what happened to him.

So, in conclusion, I hope you understand that we got screwed and got a new purposely half assed communications/surveillance system payed for by us x 2 with our ever increasing monthly contract with these companies and our sweat that was taken by taxes. All the while being told that your Iphone will now work better. Fewer dropped calls, new apps and The U.S. Treasury gets 19.1 billion for AIR! WOW!!

This is not just happening here. This is a worldwide system being implemented, the dummies are not even making them compatible though………geez

The means are in place to do this right, for the good of the people, piss on big business. I hope they will change their minds. And since they are relying on you and I to pay for this half ass nanny system that they are presenting as ‘cutting edge’ , WE can change their minds!

Throw your phone in the river! It is quite freeing not to be reached except when you want to be reached. Old School………

Corrupt politicians and industry giants, we will overcome!

End of Part 3 of 5

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