Auction 73 – The Biggest Little Auction You Never Heard Of- Part 2 – Smart Grid.


Smart Grid

What is the smart grid?

Basically, they have developed a two way communication system that works over existing power lines. This enables communication with smart meters and smart appliances back to a data center eliminating the need for an actual person to read the meter and in the near future make adjustments to these appliances as power consumption increases in different parts of the grid.

This system will integrate with the (HAN) home area network connecting eventually every device in your home to an off site data center.

Article date:11.11.09 G.E. Markets First ‘Smart Appliance’

Put something over your webcam!

These regulations are going to be put on us because there is not a plan to deal with the energy “crisis”, except with big oil and telecommunication companies to keep the people slaves to them.

It’s a sham.

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu. I thought he was an educated scholar? shrugs shoulders…


End of Part 2 0f 5

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