The Jerusalem UFO – The story that won’t go away

I wanted to add this to the page because it is one of two things, real or the best hoax video ever made to date. Either way it is going in the archives.

I think that the witnesses in Jerusalem would have come forth by now if it were the real thing. Digital technology is getting so advanced, you almost cannot believe what you see anymore without a lot of corroboration and witnesses.

This one had multiple views from different parts of the city. Not seen before in the UFO rings.

Being on the UFO boards at ATS, I can tell you this is one of the most dissected event’s of all time. Threads have opened, moved to Hoax forum, moved back out of Hoax forum, back again, still won’t die. The owner is even involved, starting his own thread (does not happen often). It won’t go away.

Regardless the the story will go down in the history books.


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