Tyche – Could Be About To Be discovered

Today,  Feb.  14, 2011., An article was released stating that scientist believe they have discovered a Gas Giant Planet, that if there would be an addition to our current scheme of eight planets for a grand total of nine. I think? Lose one add one?

It is already headlining as  Tyche, named after a Greek deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny.


Scientist are basing this on data, I assume,  they are going over that was captured by NASA- WISE – Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer

This could be the hypothetical Planet X, or Nemesis Brown Dwarf Star that have made headlines before.

Some are linking this to Nibiru –  Anunnaki ET inhabited planet.  (See Zechariah Sitchin.)If  so it’s a thousand times further out than our sun,  I don’t think it will make a pass anytime soon.

This is a pretty big statement, however you look at it. Are the history books about to be rewritten?Speculation has been around for decades of this giant 4x the size of Jupiter lurking just outside the Kuiper belt.

It is believed by some that the elliptical orbit of this planet or star (yet to be released) could be responsible for sending comets and asteroids hurling into the inner solar system, maybe even causing Extension Level Events in the past.

Lets hope Tyche doesn’t send any our way soon.

Pay attention to NASA – WISE  press releases coming soon.

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